Associated Companies

Equity Investment Advisors Ltd

This company offers clients the same services that Money online offers as well as      

  • Share purchasing and selling
  • Bond Purchasing and selling  ( through the secondary market )
  • The sale and purchase of  Gold and Silver Coins and Bars 

These services can be transacted our the phone  or in person .

Contact Equity on 

(09)  304 0145
0800 474 669


Investment Research Group Ltd

This company is a specialist in providing research and Information on Companies and other investment entities .

The research can be accessed in a number of ways :

  • By the purchasing of one of the investment reports. Either a Financial Report on a company or a Comprehensive report
  • By taking an annual Subscription to the Research
  • By the purchase of a Yearbook
  • By requesting IRG to undertake a specific  Investment report tailored to your needs

Research can be accessed via the following website

Also note IRG is a contributor to the popular website
Information and data is available on this site .