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The MoneyOnline Internet site is a very effective media for advertising. These sites collectively receive over 55,000 visits per month from people wanting information about investments and other financial data. They are an ideal way for fund managers, insurance companies and providers of other financial products to create brand awareness and sell their services.

This market has discretionary income and the ability and desire to invest and protect their assets and incomes.

These sites are also suitable for vendors of computer and other technology products or companies that have products or services appropriate for this market.

Please note however, that space is limited and MoneyOnline will not inhibit the ability of our visitors and clients to access the information they require with inappropriate advertisements.


MoneyOnline Ranks Highly in Google Searches

The Google search facility has become the world's pre-eminent search engine and is used by most people wanting to find something on the Internet.

If you are advertising financial products on MoneyOnline, chances are someone searching for yours (or similar products) on Google, will find the Google search brings up MoneyOnline.

Most will come up with MoneyOnline in the first or second hit and often ahead of the advertiser's own web site.

Don't believe it? Try entering key words from prominent advertisements on MoneyOnline into Google. (Click to access Google)

High Visitor Count Pages

The following pages and facilities are among many which have the high visitor counts. But page content and purpose are also important when considering they type of customer you wish to reach. (Click to access).

Portfolio Manager (PPM) Investment Fund Discount Brokerage
NZ Share Market Data & Associated Pages Australian Share Market Data
Investment Fund Data MoneyOnline Home Page


The cost of advertising varies depending on the number of advertisements, positioning, type and the work involved in developing graphics etc.

Please contact us for more information and to discuss the best way to present your message. MoneyOnline has been in the business of promoting and marketing financial services and information via the Internet since 1995. We understand web marketing.

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